valentines day

It's that time of year again. The sugar high of Christmas has long past and the resolutions for the New Year have been shelved for another year. All these short chilly days followed by long dark nights are wearing down my resistance.
Resistance to all things chocolate.
I'm afraid I may be too weak...

How am I supposed to say no to something that cute? Something so delicious and unsuspecting. I have no defense.
I surrender, white flags are waving...
Ask me how many of these I've already eaten through the photo shoot.
No wait, don't ask...

So please, drop me an email and order some of these for your loved one and help me spread the deliciousness. And help get them away from me. It's simply not fair for me to be the only one enjoying them :)

(and what exactly are they you ask? cakettes! of course! our classic chocolate or vanilla cake mixed with butter cream icing, hand rolled and dipped in dark or white chocolate)

$10 for a box of 9, all packaged up pretty for you. Drop me a line at cakeologycakes@gmail.com to place your order. They'll be ready for February 11th, 12th & 13th.
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