Madeline's Wedding Show

Not sure what is going on with my camera lately. I detest using the flash and I think that may account for the graininess in my pictures. Seems to only happen in lack of light shots, like this one inside today. Need to make a portable grey screen. Something the father of the groom taught me at the last wedding I did the cake for. He held out the side of his coat and I focused my camera on it. It's just a point and shoot, so if you press the button down half way, it will focus. This makes the camera focus on the amount of light in the grey fabric (which is even less) so when you take the picture, voila, it's lighter.

I don't get it.
But it works. And I didn't think of it today. Dammit.
I was however in the presence of a couple of Winnipeg's finest photographers, so I have my fingers crossed that someone took some photos of my stuff....
Anyone?...Mr. Hiebert perhaps? Ms. Zerr?

Anyway, the cake. We have a massive one, my show cake. Always hard to decorate as it is a monster. To match it's ginormity (I may have just made that word up) I wanted a gigantic flower. Gum paste and I are not very good friends. Nemesis's even. So being the smart cookie I am, I contracted out this work, to someone with much more skills than I. Thanks to face book, I was reunited with an old high school chum, who has started making her very own lovely cakes. Asked Nicole if she could do a flower for me and there you have it.
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