cakettes for kids

I first want to start with a huge virtual thank-you to Bakerella, who inspires me all the time.
Endless ideas and endless supply of sprinkles
(I like to think that maybe one day I'll be famous enough that she may pop in and say oh hey pam, no problem!)
I absolutely love the online community of people who make things; baked treats, cakes, crafts and sewing... they're funny, they photograph so well and they share. Like we're all good friends :)
Aren't we though?
If you'd like to try your hand at these little cake pops, do it! Bakerella has step by step instructions and lovely pictures. She'll inspire you too, just keep reading her stuff! If you need help you can always ask me too, I'd love to help. In the future we'll offer these as a class at the bakery, so fun!

I did these ones up on sticks to show you how easy they become handout treats. Office co-workers, your kids class, their teacher, your neighbours, grocery store clerks, the sedin brothers, the mailman...really, everyone.
Except me.
(Please honey, if I eat another one of these I will seriously explode. I'm going to need something different for Valentine's Day.)
These and those damn imperial cookies will have me in a sugar coma any day now...

I digress! The cake pops are available from the 8th to the 12th of February, or as I have dubbed it "my staff are going to kill me" week. Just how many will we make? I'll run a contest for you on the 15th. See if I'm alive then.
They come individually bagged, tied with white ribbon and can be boxed if giving as a gift. Please order by emailing me at cakeologycakes@gmail.com, let me know how many you'd like and which day you'd like them. They are $1 each, minimum of 5 please.
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mamameah said...

Great idea! Ohhh, yummy, we'll have to figure out how many kids are in the class and give these instead of valentines cards. Save a tree :)