butter cream...

Oh sweet, sweet butter cream.
So unpretentious.
So comforting.
So delicious.
As I've talked about before, fondant is lovely, but also something that seems to be trending out of popularity. As the trends of weddings and gatherings have returned to more natural, organic settings, so have cakes and sweets. While formal hotel weddings are still the norm here in Winnipeg, it's nice to see some of you using venues that are creative outdoor spaces. Barns, ranches, old country homes. All begging the handmade touch. Simple details, yet details that are intentional, like hand picked bouquets, vintage linens and clever shoes.

Unclear about the shoes? Seriously, check out these...

How's that for your something blue...
(photo courtesy of Sterling Images, here in Winnipeg)

I adore that both the bride and groom matched their foot ware. So cute.
(photo posted on GreenWeddingShoes, (seriously gorgeous weddings) taken by Marianne Lozano out of California)

But enough of the shoes! More butter cream!

Ahh, the Swiss meringue butter cream.
Truly lovely.
And it is so easy to make smooth, a real delight to work with.

Don't you just want to stick your finger in it? Swipe a finger full? Suddenly I'm 4 again and waiting until the coast is clear, adults are busy drinking coffee, cake waiting for me...
So don't feel confined, have your cake and eat it too :P


Anonymous said...

I love the last one, rustic yet beautiful & charming.

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

thanks! I like that simplicity.