shameless bragging!

Hi again! Wanted to show off a little to explain why I am as busy as I am. The shop, slowly but surely has gotten to a happy place. We have become very systematic in our procedures, routines and job roles. That, as a small business was really hard to achieve. One really needs the right people in the right spots and finding those people can be hard. We have some really dedicated staff who are helping me get better at what I do and helping the store become a better, more consistent and more organized place. I am also at the point now of meeting with an advisor once a month to review and work on my business. Now that is fun times! Looking at numbers and learning about the fundamentals of my business is down right fascinating. I'm not even lying a little bit :)

Like did you know we sold 32,541 cakettes last year?!
That's fascinating!
And crazy....it also explains Jenn's carpal tunnel issues...

Anyway, the photos are of my little girls on their first day of school. They keep me most busy but have also come to love playing at the shop with me and helping when I do deliveries. Have to train them young!
(That's Claire with her bestie Anthony in the top photo, and Cameron (Wren) on the bottom left with her bestie Isabelle.)

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