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Hello all my blog readers! I have taken the summer off from the blog world to focus on gathering my bearings, thanks for joining me again! This summer flew by and we had a really great couple of months. I have a whole pantload of photos to show off, lots of fun stuff!

One of the perks about the wedding industry are the photographers. It's not often that I have access to great settings, equipment, and expertise when it comes to photos. I'd love to learn more and get some backdrops and such but really, I'm afraid I have enough on my plate right now.
So instead, I try to make friends and connections with those who have the expertise, and when they are already friends then I get really excited. Case in point, Victoria Anne Photography. Since Aly has been doing weddings, we have run into each other countless times, Winnipeg is truly a small city. I was able to recommend her to one of my couples (which never seems to happen!) and she took these fantastic shots of one of my favorite cakes from the summer. Why one of my favorite? A couple of reasons. This cake is completely gluten free. No wheat. None. Possibly the most requested thing this summer. Second, there is no fondant (short of the little flowers). It's all butter cream :)

Stay tuned! Lots of fun photos and such coming your way, including a new site!

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