Mobile blogging

Recently I switched over from my trusty blackberry to an iphone. The major reason? Photos. I thought this topic would go nicely with my last post about having good quality photos taken of my cakes. One of my best friends is a tattoo artist and he would post fantastic quick shots of works in progress and freshly completed tattoos. I was finding it quite onerous to take pictures, upload them, edit them, then sort them so I could later post them and write about them. With my handy dandy little phone, suddenly I found myself uploading pics right after taking them and instantly sharing them on twitter, facebook and instagram. Then it dawned on me. I'll get the blogger app.

Look out, posts will be almost daily now :) Enjoy!

This shot is of our new front doors. A little sad that you can't see the panels of the frencj doors, but it makes for a much better work environment, the number of wasps in the bakery were out of control!

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