oh deer me....

Along with being apprehensive about the topsy-turvy cake, I was also apprehensive about making a camo-style cake. As many of you know (because you forward the emails to yours truly) there are some pretty bad cakes out there. There was one circulating not too long ago about men who get to choose the wedding cake, and a number of camo-cakes were there.
If you don't believe me, check out this site.
It is unreal.
I started following it about a year ago. Very satisfying, as she blogs every day. Bad cakes, (and some are really bad) on a daily basis. Can't ask for more. It has, however, also instilled the fear of god in me, that one day, just one day, one of my cakes my end up there.

And it was with that fear that I attempted the camo cake.
And it's not on cakewrecks.

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Anonymous said...

...deer pam...yes i do agree that there are "bad" cakes out there...and i would say that this was not the easiest cake to come up with (i hesitated to ask). i opened the box and oh my...to my delight it was excellent! and to paul's delight - pleasently surprised! he couldn't stop looking at it! and to everyone who saw this cake - fantastic work! (they all knew who made it too!) the deer head was fabulous! and the shotgun shells, just as i requested. I had wanted a cake for paul's b-day like this for a long time....good things come to those who wait! thanks for the memoirs! :)