me, I want a hula hoop....

I find myself wanting to start with an apology to those who come by often. Time flies by and the little blog goes un-updated. So to those who pop in and sigh, thinking, c'mon on, I want to see some cool cakes, please be patient
(I'm devising a time machine in the kitchen...)

These lovely little cookies are my most recent endeavor. Baked in huge numbers to be sold at the Festival Of Trees and Lights, over at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory, they have taken a large bite out of my photo editing time.

Having access to a lovely camera (thanks Jenn) has helped though. Just look at these shots.
(if I do say so myself :D)
My gorgeous retro cake stand also helps. Man, that green glass is something else.

I encourage you to get out and see the Trees and Lights. Admission is free, the tree's are unbelievable and you can buy a cookie to help their fundraising efforts (money raised goes back to the Conservatory and to Special Olympics). You can also buy tickets to try to win the trees which they give away at the end of the festival. Fun!
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Shannon said...

Hey Pam. The kids and I (Karissa, Declan & Shannon from Camp Wasaga week 4) were at the festival this past weekend and saw the lovely cookies you made! The kids each devoured a snowman and they love that they knew who the baker was! Thought I'd check out your site that I found on the cookie label. Your cakes are amazing - you are one talented 'cookie'! (Love the pun!?!?!) Take care and say 'hi' to Jeff!