halloween done right

Oh the topsy-turvy cake. How I feared you.
I made practice ones. I watched youtube videos. Consulted books. Consulted architects.
All in all?
You're not so bad.
We might even be friends.
One day...
I attended the "Grand Wedding" show this weekend at the Hotel Fort Gary. Contemplated entering as a vendor and opted to go and pretend to be a bride instead.
Love playing dress-up :D
Anyway, my point was directing your attention to that peacock feather up above. I am in love with where decorating for weddings is going. Gone are the days of candles in rose bowls, behold the bold look of peacocks, dogwood branches, and my personal favorite, the "homemade" wedding. Those bringing in vintage dresses or homemade ones. Clusters of beautiful flowers with real personal meaning. Dessert buffets with a lovely collection of tasty treats.

Not haute couture, not stuffy. Not dressing up your best friends in sea foam green and expecting them to smile nicely at you. No sateen shinyness and plastic crap. Instead ones that are meaningful. Decorated with a sense of purpose and with an eye for art instead of disposable fluff. Things you get together with your girlfriends and family to craft up in anticipation of your big day.

This wedding was a good example of that. The thought of halloween often brings about oranges and pumpkins, witch's hats and candy. Instead, this lovely and creative couple went with black and purple. Raven's. Peacock feathers. And the piece de resistance? Dia de los muertos sugar skulls. Lovely :D
Congrats you two!
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