Go Diego Go!

Some characters are easy for me. Take Binoo for example, I could make him from fondant every day. That's of course, thanks to my crew who adore the cuddly cat and his partner in crime Toopy. Alright, and I can admit, I love watching it too (especially the Christmas ones where everyone gets...Slippers!)

Moving on....Diego, now Diego I don't know. And I don't think it's because it seems to be geared towards boys; they don't seem to enjoy Dora either. My point? Ah yes, how hard or easy it is to recreate these guys in fondant. The point I believe I was trying to make is that Diego has the best hair, hands down. Gotta love a guy with a mane like that...

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Anonymous said...

The 2 cakes were amazing! Thanks Pam...thanks for your generosity on the size of the "smaller" cake too! My almost 3 yr old daughter is a huge fan of Diego, so it was a perfect pick and a great hit for her brother's 1st birthday party! My cake was beautiful!