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I received an email asking if I was familiar with the work of Eric Carle. Boy am I. Regardless of if I think my girls will enjoy the book, I buy it simply for the art work. His images are so clean and basic, yet the detail within say the bear, orange or flower is exquisite. Layers of colour and texture; just awesome. So I jumped at the chance to do a cake and cupcake set for a birthday this past weekend. A 6" cake featuring none other than the Very Hungry Caterpillar himself, then two layers of cupcakes featuring all the weeks worth of food he ate. The cupcakes are a variety of flavours, all topped with a swirl of vanilla butter cream. Then I made fondant disks and painted the fruits on using food coloring. The caterpillar and cake is done in fondant.


Tina said...

Thanks a million for this wonderful cake and the delicious cupcakes, everybody LOVED it and was asking for your contact info!
The kids hoovered up the cupcakes in no time!

Angie said...

"And then he had a tummy ache!" Your Claire is great at reading that story our loud!

Love the cake!!

Anonymous said...

This cake and the cup cakes are fabulous!! Fabulisticexpialidocious!
I am going to order one of these some day.... I have read this book to my kindergarteners hundreds of times! from Christine

Bridy said...

I love this cake and cupcakes, so creative!

djavellana said...

fantastic work of art