A while back I had posted some little logos asking people to vote for their favorite. I had about 5 different pictures and honestly didn't really love any of them. Now, this one. This one I love. It makes me swoon. It's such a motivating factor for me right now, I have them stashed around my house and I smile when I see them. I wanted to extend my thanks to Helen Dardik who created it for me. This picture doesn't do it justice, as it's a photo of my card, but you get a good idea. Thank-you Helen! Your art work is so fantastic. And you're so sweet too...It was a pleasure working with you :)

Now on to the free cake! The premise was that if I picked the logo that you also chose, you could win. And from the comments made Claire was our lucky winner. I think the logo with the fork in a circle with the name underneath comes closest to the one above.

Congrats Claire! Send me an email with your email and we'll make some plans. And thank-you to everyone that came and made a comment.

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Claire said...

Me Claire????

Love this logo btw.