Hello fellow cake folk! Today I wanted to share a picture I found while cruising the net searching out cake inspiration. This time of year brings a lot of birthday cakes and cookies, but not a lot of wedding cakes. Personally, I enjoy looking at wedding cakes. Birthdays are cute and fun, but I want some bang for my buck. I want oodles of tiers, cascades of flowers, grand ball rooms. I think I would get married every weekend if I could (poor Jeff :) . So as I am searching out some themed wedding cakes, golf mostly, I came across this gem. A couple of years ago when Claire was just born, we decided to get a gaming console, a Playstation 2. Justifying it as "purchase for our sanity". Now that we were bound to be home more, it would provide some entertainment. And entertainment it brought! To those unfamiliar with the above cake, let me be the first to introduce to you, Katamari! Possibly the most ridiculous game known to man. The point of the game is your character (shown above in green and black) rolls around this ball (the odd purple and yellow sphere) and pick up various items. The ball acts as a giant magnet, picking up things based on it's size. As the ball gets bigger you can pick up bigger items. Until the end when you're picking up the ocean.

And that brings us to the photo posted today, the Katamari wedding cake. Now I have spent my fair share of senseless hours playing this game, but I think Jeff would even draw the line at recreating it for our wedding. But hats off to these two, who must truly love the game. I snagged the picture from wired, a great techie blog I frequent.

Happy planning to all you brides and grooms out there, I love doing these consultations with you!

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