Now you may be looking at this little cake wondering, well, I think it has something to do with football. Dallas Cowboys? The Dallas Blue Things? This is, in fact, a replica of this.....

A seat back from the Cowboys old stadium, which was demolished and rebuilt recently. The cake was a surprise grooms cake, from possibly the most stunning bride I've ever seen, Mrs. Sarrah :)

The cake itself is two layers of my infamous chocolate cake with a layer of mocha butter cream, then finished with rolled fondant. It was the first cake I've used my new luster glaze, a cool product from the states. It's an edible luster that makes fondant shiny. I used it on the helmets and on the 8 plaque.

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Katrina said...

It is all so amazing Pam! I was just a little homesick and read your last 6 weeks of blogging that I had missed out on. It always cheers me up and I am looking forward to eating lots of your delicious cakes when we are home. Thank you, and yes Sara is going to be so stunning!