What happens when you make obscene requests to a friend who likes to make ridiculous things out of fondant? Well, you get Rocket Robin Hood birthday cupcakes of course. Complete with electro quarter staffs. Seemed like an obvious answer to me, but then, I am the ridiculous one....

I like surprising people and also like making them shake their heads and think... "really? she made these?.... just how much time does she have on her hands anyway.....". Those who know me are probably thinking of the gingerbread village from last Christmas. Again, ridiculous.

So for those who are not familiar with Rocket Robin Hood and his band of merry astro men, just check them out on youtube, lots of episodes out there. It was a pretty bad little show that ran from 1966-69. Seemed like there were more interludes and theme songs than show content, but what else do you want when you're 6? Or in Chris Parkers case, 24. Ha ha. Happy Birthday Parker :)

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