Good evening folks. Hope you have all eaten supper and are full, because as you read this, it may make you hungry. I know as I eat, I get stuck in ruts. We go through phases in our house, usually seasonal, when it comes to food. Right now we're going from warm autumn soups and stews into more decadent things, getting ready for the holidays. I also have the urge to cook bigger batches of things and freeze a dinner worth, knowing I will have less time in December for cooking. Anyway, I was discussing my rut. My rut being chocolate cake. I made myself sick of it earlier this year, as I had four wedding cakes in a row that were chocolate. And as far as baking wedding cakes go, that's a whole lotta chocolate cake. We went out this past weekend to my sister-in-laws place and brought dessert; going back to my good old chocolate cake. Definite crowd pleaser. Match it up with callebaut chocolate mousse, a splash of Bailey's and voila, there's no rut for that. The pic we have here is a miniature version of it, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse on top. Watch for a new page soon of more mouth watering flavours to try.

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