messing around

After a very busy weekend, I sadly have no new photos for you folks. I do however, have pictures that I have been playing with as I teach myself how to work in Photo shop. Not so easy my friends. Especially when I can only really steal away 15 minutes at a time. Pull in a picture, straighten things out, add a cool filter.... just enough time to realize that the babe has discovered a pen that was under the couch. Let's just say, Wren-1, freshly painted basement wall-0. Deep breath. It's not her fault, she's an artist. She needs to express herself. Grrr. Computer time is now only after bed time. Anyway, the picture above is of one that I did this summer, out in Gimli. Nice a simple three tiered, done in butter cream. I picked up fresh roses on the way there to arrange, they were so perfectly open. I quite like the effect, but then I would, I did it :)

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Angie said...

Teheh, Wren versus Wall round one, fight!
Finish him,Cameron!