who doesn't want cakettes?!

Well it's that lovely gift giving time of year again. We did dainty platters last year and while we specialize in cakes; the cookies and treats drove us to drink (just eggnogg of course :)
So this year we figured, let's give them what they want.
Perfect for your customers, friends or family, we haven't had someone yet who doesn't like these darn things.
They come in two sizes and will be packaged up in this lovely box. We have a large one of 30 pieces (for $45) and the small with 15 pieces ($25).
They will both come with chocolate cakettes, vanilla cakettes and red velvet cakettes. The flavours can be swapped out with some of our inhouse varieties if you want to change them up. No custom flavours though please, just the choices we have in house.
24 hours needed for ordering, give us a shout at 612-9866!


Heidi blogging at Stationery Scoop said...

This is a great gift, both to give AND to receive! I'm putting them on my list. ~Heidi

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

thanks Heidi!