wedding favour ideas

You can tell the wedding season is over and we're back into the cycle of wedding planning when I go and check on my emails in the morning. I have gotten a lot of emails lately asking about favours and ideas so I thought I would do a quick blog post about some things we've done. I will continue to photograph the wedding set ups so you guys can see the favour in action too :)

Here are some cakettes in action. There are three delicious balls of goodness in these bags, yes, the bride and groom were fanatics. And I heard some rave reviews from guests who popped in after that wedding. We've done the cakettes as singles wrapped in cellophane (or done in a little box) two wrapped up and even three. We tie them up for you too, because we love.

We've done a whole ton of cake pops this year as favours too. We're currently working on some for a wedding this weekend so I'll be sure to take shots for you all. Cake pops are cakettes done on a stick. We wrap these up individually as well and then tie them with matching ribbon.

One of my favorite favours are imperial cookies. Personally, I would be ecstatic if I were a guest at a wedding and sitting at my plate was a delicious cookie. I don't know about you but the hours before dinner is served at a wedding feel like days and I'm always starving. We can do them in a variety of simple cutouts, usually letters or hearts. We've also done flowers, wedding cakes and circles. Done up with a little design, usually a little sparkling sanding sugar. Again we bag these up in clear cellophane and tie with some pretty ribbon.

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