Heather & Paul!

Finally! One of my biggest events of the year for me has come and gone, and man, did we have a blast. My husbands sister Heather was married to her dear Paul last weekend. So many things to do! my girls were flowers girls, and quite frankly, the cutest ever. Great age for them to be involved in a wedding too, they had a great time. My dear hubby was the m.c., and naturally, I was in charge of sweets :)

Of what we could provide for a wedding, well, we did. From seat placing cookies, each custom iced with all of the guests names, to the wedding cake, the grooms cake (the Pug!) pics of him will follow, and a dessert buffet. Cupcakes, cakettes, brownies, lemon slice, and candy. great late night snacks!

We did up a four tier cake, the bottom half is not real, but I wanted to show off with a big cake :) Nice deep brown colour a little different from the traditional white, but was so fitting for this time of year and for their colour scheme. The day was gorgeous and we were able to have the appetizers and cocktails on the patio at Breezy Bend.

One of my favorite things to do for weddings is a dessert buffet. Candy buffets have popped up like crazy, and we added some candy to ours too but the sweets are where we excel. Four kinds of cakettes, four kinds of cupcakes, most gluten free, brownies, lemon slice. The guests were saited!

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