sporty sport sport

One of the things I miss during the summer months is organized sport. Summer is a little more impromptu volley ball games and tackle frisbee in the lake. So I think this fall I may join a team of something.

I think I'd like to play ball hockey again. I liked that.

Definitely not softball or baseball. Not a fan of that at all. Playing, watching, listening.
Not for me.

Hmph. More babeball...

Ah, football. I really like football. However, don't even ask about the CFL...sheesh Bombers, another season of fans scratching their heads saying what the hell...

Mmmm, back to hockey. Must be a sign...

Back to football. Now NFL, there's a franchise of sport I like. Such a smart franchise of sport. Huge.

And more hockey. Seems hockey will probably win. Thanks for your help!

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