the best of both worlds

Here are a couple great examples of how cake and cupcakes are able to live together in harmony.
(you'd be surprised at how much attention seeking there is between these two)
(like sisters really, the older (cake) being bossy, I'm bigger than you...blah blah blah)
(and then the little sister...but I'm cute! mom said you have to play with me!)


I firmly believe that cupcakes and cake should live together. When you have a large event, the cake at the top of a cupcake stand gives that special guest(s) of honor a special treat, just for them. They'll think, "aww. so and so think so highly of me, I get my very own cake" and you walk away the winner.
Or if the cupcakes accompany a larger cake, they're the perfect add on for the "just in case" crowd who hasn't rsvp'ed.
(you know who they are...they never tell you, they just show up...wanting cake...)
So voila.
A cake for the estimated crowd and extras in cupcake form for them.
(or for you later when you need a snack :)

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kiddlebug said...

Those are gorgeous!!!