Snap, crackle pop I do!

How cute is this?
An entire wedding cake made from rice krispie cake.
When my delightful bride and groom asked me if I would consider doing this I jumped at the chance. I love rice krispies! And how fun to be a guest at this wedding...I could so easily bribe my kids to eat their dinners knowing this was for dessert.
We did one trial run with the bottom layer to work out the glitches and it was as easy as we hoped. We used a ten inch pan, the one we would have used for the cake layer, made three batches then stacked them up together. We put some weight on it and let them set, using the extra bits to fill in any holes or gaps. Repeat three times, stack them all up and voila!
A rice krispie wedding cake.
I want to mention as well the custom cake topper they had made, in the likeness of themselves and all their furry family. So sweet!


Dandee said...

Pamela, that cake looks amazing! What a great idea and you did a fantastic job!! Time to add rice crispy cakes or rice crispy cakettes to the Cakeology menu, perhaps??

libys11 said...

that's an amazing cake! :D

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Pink Little Cake said...

What an awesome and original idea. I love it!