old friends

I have a new found problem with the new shop.
I am easy to find :)
Not so much a problem for you, you now know where I am, most of the time anyway...
Problem for me.
Some days I look at the clock and realize it's already 3pm and I've gotten close to nothing completed for the day.
What have I been up to?
Catching up.
Talking to YOU.
And I love it, everyday I come home to hubby and tell him about all the wonderful people that came to see me. YOU took time to come and see me. Me!
This cake above was for someone I used to work with. She was darling and when she came in after not seeing her for many years I was guilty of squealing.
Thanks everyone <3


Pink Little Cake said...

I love the color yellow with the black details. Lovely cake.

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...