Pam I am...

Welcome back to a little segment I like to call "decorator confessions".
Often the delicious fun we do in cakes kind of gets glazed over for us. I see and think about cakes all the time. Everyday in fact. I would dare to say hourly.
I mean, it's a little more fun than thinking about actuarial science (don't ask, I just googled "boring jobs" and it was the first to come up. So if you are an actuarial scientist, my apologies and condolences)
But when it comes to cakes, I've seen my fair share and the wow factor starts to subside.
This one brought me back. I love it so much.. I made it for our talented friend Jessica, who starred in her school's production of Seussical, the Musical. Was about 9 layers of cake!


Anonymous said...

ridiculously amazing!! Great job!

Amanda said...

This is amazing. I'm in awe of you and your skills.