gumpaste goodness

I have decided I will take some fine arts classes this fall. I need to learn to sculpt. I could use some help with sketching. I'd also like to work on water colours and painting. And of course creating miniature versions of customers children in gum paste.
There's a class for that, no?


libys11 said...

aahh that's so cute! :D

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Tina said...

Pam, that was a wonderful birthday cake, she still points to the picture and tells everyone how it is her on the cake.
You have frankly inspired me! I am never going to be a baker but I did bake my daughter's birthday cake and cupcakes this year. It was a devil's food cake, 4 layers with vanilla mousse and strawberry buttercream frosting and dark chocolate polks dots. it was bit wobbly (not dense enough) but yummy. I have so much more appreciation for what you do, I remember you trying to get the gumpaste girl to not wilt on that humid afternoon... you do great work.