introducing jenn

So in an effort to make our bakery "your" bakery, it helps to know the staff. I did a little blurb on Ted about a month ago and now its time for our dear baker Jennifer. Our fearless maker-of-the-imperial-cookies.

On Fridays both Ted and Jenn get to wear their "special" aprons. I'm not sure when or why this tradition started, but it's a keeper, that's for sure. Ted has his tuxedo apron (a classic) and Jenn has....well, this little gem.
All I know is it's good for dancing...

So what does my dear Jenn do at this bakery?
That whole display case.
That's all her.
Daily cookies, cupcakes, cakettes, brownies, slices, you name it, if it's for sale on a daily basis here, it's because of Jenn. Saskatoon butter cream? That's her. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies? Her. Rhubarb slice? You guessed it.

Invaluable to me; she encourages me, yells at me and offers endless advice, help and support. Exactly what I need.
And when we're done work? We go home and knit together.

And sometimes we let her out to sweep :)
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Cary said...

I have a big crush on your baker.

WTWTA said...

i heart this post so much!
you gals are swell.

libys11 said...

aaahh!! i just stumbled upon your bake shop awhile ago while walking around the fringe festival area. i got some cakettes for the first time and i absolutely loved it!!! :D i want to try some of your cookies next time!

(oh btw, i also included a quick post about your shop for my food tripping thursday feature!)

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