'bout damn time lady....

Well well well.
Look who it is....
That girl who used to blog her little heart out and then got all "big-shot" on ya....
Too busy for the little old blog eh?
Well, not anymore my dear blog-reading friends. I have folders chock full of beautiful pics that I need to share with you all!
And of course, I need to also offer up an apology for neglecting this poor little blog.
My sincerest of apologies.
Things seem to get done when they are part of a schedule, so this will become part of my schedule, make it routine. Make sure I'm keeping you coming back for more :)

As I am sure that the guests of this beautiful wedding must have been doing all night to the dessert table. Really, I mean I would. Who doesn't love candy hearts AND cupcakes AND gingham?

Such a beautifully cute, simple and charming wedding. Outdoors, beautiful weather, beautiful setting, awesome couple :)

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Maggie said...

Great idea for a wedding!! The cupcakes look so cute and delicious!! It's a shame you are not in Toronto :(

I'm also into the food blog's world and would love if you can take a look at my blog and leave any comment/suggestion!