that's extra...

Just wanted to toot the shop horn for a sec. Promise I won't get too wordy on ya Mike :)
(mike thinks I chat too much...)
Wanted to point out that one of my philosophies about the shop is to go a little further than the average guy.
"extras" make me crazy.
When I was shopping around and searching for wedding things for my own wedding it was infuriating to be quoted one price, then see a total with half a dozen "extras" added on.
I don't do that.
Price quoted is the price.
I don't charge extra to deliver your wedding cake. I do it. I set it up. Do you really want your soon to be hubby's old buddy from college picking up a four tiered cake and driving it across town?

Have you seen the hangover??

p.s. this cake plate is unreal. Picked it up from Urban Barn a couple of weeks ago and have used it like everyday. I think it's about 12" and I even eat my toast off it for crying out loud...
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