house of cake, day 5

Nothing like charming hostesses to greet you at the door....
I'm really happy that the rest of the newer pictures I have do not have snow in them...
(these are from a week or two ago)

The delay.
All for the bathroom.
Building takes a longer time than I anticipated, but it's done. In all her largeness, the bathroom is done.
(seriously, the sucker is about 1/6th of my entire bakery)
Ridiculous! It's bigger than my bathroom at home!

To my kids I'm pretty sure there is nothing as exciting in the whole world than touching things they are not supposed to touch. So you can just imagine the squeals of joy I get when I say " get your boots on, we need to go to the bakery".
As it is full of things you shouldn't touch.
The yelling of "put down that cookie" will come in a week or so...
A whole new world of "don't touch that"...

That's Tom on the left, Jeff on the right, talking about taking off tiles, putting back said tiles, prepping for drywall, unprepping for drywall (loooooong story), plastering, painting...renos are fun, no?
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