random tuesday musings and confessions....

Confession one.
I am up to my ears in paper work and the more I get, the more I don't want to do it. It is a strange and vicious cycle. I think I would make a most interesting case study on a number of things...procrastination, fear, and mostly my impostor complex...
but lets save the psycho babble for another night, shall we?...

(above- princess castle cake replicated from her party napkins, done in fondant. later that day, the stand smashed. I cried. the cake was long gone to the party. thank god.)

Confession two. Opening my own bakery makes me so nervous I want to throw up. Seriously. I have no idea what I am doing. I mean, I have an idea...clearly, I like to bake cake and I will facilitate that by creating a space to do it in. But business and all that jazz? Boy oh boy, I'm pretty green around the edges. And as I've said to my staff, please don't worry of my insecurities, they are just that. I have far too much invested for this to fail and it simply won't.
But sometimes it keeps me up at night.
Not that the business will fail, per se, but rather how busy will we be, what items should we sell, what if ...what about... what if...

(above - camping scene with and Old Town red canoe, all done in fondant)

Confession three. I don't eat cake. Do I really need to say anything here? I'm sure you can appreciate how much I've seen and made....no? I do, however, have a salt problem.
is that two confessions in one?

(above- 6"/9" fondant. this wasn't the end product, it turned into a flowery butter fly one, but I keep finding these ridiculously cute sets of birds. I think I have like 5 sets now. Just was playing with them to see how ridiculously cute they would look.)

Confession four. My favorite movie isn't based around the story or the show itself, but just one character. One picture perfect girl who owns a bakeshop, listens to awesome music and is really smart but would rather just make cookies. And is beautiful. And I've watched it one zillion times, and subsequently can recite it end to end....you know the ones....
Figured I'd end with a light one, as to not scare off those simply wanting to look at pretty cakes.
Hi to you! Thanks for getting this far!

(above-office baby shower cupcakes for my awesome sister-in-law Heather.)
(movie reference was "Stranger Than Fiction" by the way...)
(or did you already know that....? no one ever seems to know what I'm talking about)
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Angie said...

I know it's scary and hard Pam but you can do it! =) You made a pretty tent cake, what can't you do?

I love Stranger than Fiction! I thought Will Ferrell made such a smart comedy for once.