This weather is outstanding and I think the colours of this cake feel the same way.

Who doesn't like lego?
Well, perhaps stepping on the tiny one blocks barefoot in the middle of the night. Then I don't like lego. But it's going to be 8 degrees today! No amount of lego stepping will hamper this nice weather for me.

Mmmmm...marble cupcakes with vanilla butter cream. The outside of the cake and the lego blocks on the cupcakes are done in fondant.
Happy Saturday to you!
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Jeanine said...

That is very cool! I love Lego, just wish the kids did too so I had a reason to buy more. :)
And Woohoo to the temps! +6 and sunny out there right now! I feel like getting out the sandals today. Only in MB, huh? :)

Brandy L said...

Gorgeous cake and cupcakes! I love all the little legos on the cupcakes.

Utopia Burning said...

Oh, I love the Lego cake!