my third baby

Good morning my dears :)
Hope this blasted hump day is treating you well. Tis a long day for me as it usually begins my weekend orders. Sorting out details, grocery lists, supply lists. Looks like this weekend is a little calmer than last. Gives me the opportunity to potentially see some friends. While I love my unconventional schedule, it does get hard to interact with the real world...

I'm really excited for the consistency that the shop will bring. Regular hours, having a "work day" instead of kind of working all the time. Very exciting. Granted, days will be long, but that's expected. To be able to have work at work and be me at home is very much needed.
We're planning on being open for business everyday except Sundays. Need a day of rest :)
Hours look like they'll be 10/11am until 5/6pm. With our area, I'm sure the foot traffic will increase and decrease based on the weather, the season and the day so we're planning on being flexible. Play it by ear.

Originally the plan was to open space that would be used for myself and my staff, not so much from the customers aspect. A place to work on my custom orders and some wholesale work. Now I find myself thinking about cupcake displays, door bells and take out bags. I've been working on a business plan that keeps getting pushed to the side. At first I was crediting this to my workload; must bake now, can write later. Now I'm realizing I'm not writing it because it's not done forming in my head. It's been two long years of evolving. Growing. Changing.
For lack of a better analogy, it's like being pregnant all over again. But I need to get this out of my head and be done with this stage. Move on to cuddling and coddling my newest addition to our family.
So this weekend of a few cakes instead of a dozen has come at the perfect time. Time to hanker-down and work on this birth plan...er...business plan...it is almost spring after all...

(the above cake was from a small wedding I did last month. Lovely house reception. It's a 6" and 9", finished in rolled fondant with gum paste roses, made by moi for a change :)
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Amanda said...

I look forward to your blog posts. Your new building is amazing! I can see why you are so excited about it. Keep living the dream!

Michael Brito said...

i too enjoy the blog! and the cakes! and the company! haven't seen the shop, but can't wait.

Brandy L said...

You have an amazing blog and your cakes are gorgeous! Gorgeous style and flowers on the cake.