I love my staff.

As I look at this picture it makes me want to listen to "hands" by the raconteurs, so I found it on line and am doing so.
Such a great band. And that whole world wide web thing, that's not to shabby either...

They make me think back to the summer, cooking out at camp and listening to them nice and loud in our massive camp kitchen.
Which in turn now makes me excited to be listening to them nice and loud in our big new bakery. I'm so excited to make play lists for work.

This picture also makes me laugh, as I watched Blake try to make fondant today.
Good lord.
That was entertaining.
There's definitely a learning curve to baking, especially things besides chocolate chip cookies, but nothing that a little practice can't teach. When I think back to how long it used to take me to do things and how badly I iced cakes it seems laughable. Hard to believe I should build a bakery around it. But here we are today, teaching him the ways of the butter cream, fondant, red velvet cake...


SarahD said...

Lucky you to get to do what you love! and a lot of hard work, for sure. but the benefits seem priceless :)

The paper pusher said...

And you do have the best staff in the whole world too :D

Lissa said...

Hi Pam

Jacqueline and I walked by the soon-to-be site of Cake-ology yesterday. It's a great spot, which will be even better when there are actual cakes inside.