house of cake, day 3938

Did that title catch your attention?
Three thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight.
Completely random, but it's kind of what it feels like. December 1st seems like years ago already.

The building permit has been issued.
A huge victory, at least in my mind. I'm sure people go and get building permits all the time. But not me.
I bake cakes.
Nope, no permits for that here. I mean, I can follow a recipe. I know how to properly wash the dishes. I managed to get 100% on my food handlers certificate. But have been working thus far without a permit. Perhaps I should make my own. Issue it to myself. And then I can charge some ludicrous fee for it while I'm at it :)
gotta love fee's....

permit granted.
The permit was granted!
I've been having nightmares about it. Knowing its a long process, fearing it doesn't get approved, then we have to hire someone in a trade that costs hundreds of dollars an hour to convince those granting the permit that they should. And then it gets delayed. And backlogged. And delayed some more.
But no, we have progress!
Sweet sweet progress.
It feels as though a huge burden has lifted. If you local folks are anything like me, this winter has been a little long already. And cold. The lack of sun plays funny tricks on my mind, makes me lethargic, not wanting to get out. I hide in my house, caught in the vicious cycle of laundry, cooking and brewing coffee. Out only for supplies and to work, hurrying home to hide yet again.

Hold on to the safety rail folks, this coaster is back on its way up...
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Congrats!! :)