house of cake day 6

I think I have the perfect location.
I adore it.
Claire and I spent a couple of hours today down in the area. Hit Ragpickers, Antiques and Funk, and the three level one on Princess that doesn't have a name. And is never ever open when I try to go. Until today. Awesome. Oh and the shop of course.
Here's Vanna featuring all the shelving I bought off of Westwin, which is sadly closing.

Oddly enough, I've had people show me pictures taken in front of the shop. I'm thinking photo op galore....if you're down in the area taking wedding pictures, please pop in, I'll give you cupcakes to feed each other :) how cute is that. I love seeing the appreciation that people have for the area, saw two photographers today on our walk, looking up, angled, getting that rickety old fire escape in with the sun barely glinting behind it. Appreciating the detail of the day. Arched windows, brick and tyndal, leaded glass, old lights.
Heart warming and beautiful. I can't wait to be surrounded by it everyday.

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Bridy M. said...

what a lovely building.

Anonymous said...

this is so exciting! when's the opening?