you can't eat roses....

In a rare and unexpected turn of events, I have actually beat a time line. I had hoped, skeptically of course, to have some Valentine's Day treats made, tested and photographed by January 31st.

And it's only the 14th!
What the bleep!
Go me!
(and no, I will not disclose what got pushed aside in order to fart around making imperial cookies...)

Regardless, aren't they pretty? And oh so tasty. My favorite is waiting a couple of days to eat them (oh so hard, I have to literally hide them). Sure, cookies are great fresh from the oven, but when it comes to imperials, a couple days is worth their weight in gold. The glazed icing seeps into the top cookie, making it soft and rich, the jam dries slightly to the touch, giving it that thick gooey texture. Don't even get me started about the flavours! This is just the beginning...
The reds, classic favorite, strawberry. Can never go wrong with the strawberry. The yellow ones are peach. Pretty tasty too, but next time I'll try apricot. Let hubby decide the first run of yellows and while the peach is good, I think the apricot will be a stronger flavour. We'll keep you posted :)
And the piece de resistance? The deep purple ones.
That's right, a Manitoba classic meets a classic cookie. So good.

So, should you like, these lovely classics are for sale.
They are $20 per dozen, ordered by the dozen only please :)
please indicate flavour choices-strawberry, raspberry, apricot, peach, blueberry, saskatoon
(around 3 or 4 flavours per dozen makes a good mix)

And in true Manitoba spirit, who doesn't like a deal? Order by February 1st and I'll have them packaged up all pretty and delivered on February 12th to the place of your choice! (Winnipeg city limits please)


KatMoss said...

Great idea! I LOVE imperial cookies!

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

me too...I'll let Adam know ;)