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This season is out to kill me.
Now while November may be all coy and unassuming, filled with cookie prep, paper work and what seems to be oodles of days left before the holidays; throwing in the opportunity to sign a lease and add more to my plate may not have been the best idea.
But as I fell asleep last night, and forced my brain into positive meditation (this is exactly what you want, you need this, you love it, enjoy it while you're in the thick of it, you hate being bored....)
(all the while forcing a huge grin. I always find meditating much more effective if you force yourself to smile the entire time). I have been reminded through a good friends blog lately to be thankful for what we have, live in the now, and be grateful.
It's hard, this entrepreneur thing.
I'm starting a new job, an ever changing one, while filling the shoes in a role I've never done before. Breaking new ground, forging new paths, making oodles of new mistakes. I bet there's whole sections dedicated to this topic in the library, but unless it's by Mrs. Stewart or Dr. Seuss, I can't say I've touched it in the last four years.

(the above cake I did up for my moms little Christmas gathering she had on the weekend.
It's completely gluten free and it tasted delicious :D)
Claire says its her, thus explaining the purple headband...
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Mamameah said...

Don't let the imposter take over in your head! YOU CAN DO THIS! Ask for help when you need it, the blog is a great place to do it :)

Break your day down into minutes when you have to and just get through those 60 seconds.

One foot at a time, don't look at how long the list is because it will always be there growing like a weed.

YOU CAN DO THIS! You ARE doing it. Keep on keeping on, I'm living vicariously through you :)

And don't forget to pencil in some fun!

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

ahhh...this 60 seconds at a time thing really works...makes for some pretty organized thinking and planning :)

penciling in the fun as we speak!