house of cake, day 2

My new purple door :D
Perhaps I'll make it a polka-dot door...
This wall is new, originally the space was an entire kitchen, and when you come to see it, as I know you all will, you'll see from the outside that the lovely arch window is also Jejomar's kitchen. They'll be there on the other side of that door. I'll post more about them a little later, I honestly have no info short of them being a fantastic Philipino bakery...
I'm gonna get fat...

So this mess? Some is mine, this above picture is mine. The rest will be hauled off to auction. If you folks ever think you'd like to someday own a little restaurant, please let me know so I can set you straight.
One of the most ridiculous lines of work known to man...short of working in a blue cheese factory.
That's just stinky.

This shot is from the far back corner, looking towards those beautiful front doors. Notice the ceiling height? 20 feet. Nice. I'm excited to not be pent up in a tiny kitchen when it's 40 degrees outside and triple that inside.

That's the north wall, had two windows, but would look across the lane to another brick building so not much is lost there. Have thought briefly about putting those glass blocks into the far right one, let in some natural light. Along that back wall will probably be the triple sink and some storage.
If anyone out there has any advice on interior layouts, design and such please don't hesitate. Once the space has been cleared we have a blank slate.
Oh the potential!
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bluemoon said...

LOVE the new digs. Am so crazy happy for you!
Can't wait to watch the evolution of this place and your business.

tonicola said...

I'm so excited for you Pam! I live vicariously through your adventures in cake. The space looks like it has so much potential, congrats. P.S, I didn't make it to Colin's b.day party, are you going to post the "drum set"?

Tina Chakraborty said...

Hi Pam,
You did the Eric Carle caterpillar Cake for me. I am an architect, i could do some "free" consulting for you, I want you to stay in business! You should be able to find me in the white pages if you wanted to get in touch. Good Luck.

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

thanks everyone! it is VERY exciting :)

thanks tina, I may very well take you up on this...