all you need is cake

For those who don't know me on a personal level, I have a number of hats that I like to wear.
Proverbial hats, that is.
I'm a mom to two darling girls, wife and sister. I watch my nephews twice a week, giving my girls some playmate cousins, and allowing them to grow and learn together. As you all can tell, I'm also a baker. A hat you may not know though is my Camp Wasaga hat. I'm on the board of directors, as registrar and naturally, kitchen committee chair. Don't know about camp? Well, you should.
It's fantastic.

One of my favorite groups of people are our campers. Every walk of life, all stages of life. We get to take part in an experience that they treasure forever and their kids take with them as they grow. Can't ask for more rewarding really...
Anyway, this lovely drum kit cake was made for a camper's 40th.

203 days until it starts again, but who's counting ;)
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tonicola said...

thanks pam! that was quick. it's fantastic, i heard he loved it.

Anonymous said...

You're a camper! I was so excited to read this bit about Camp Wasaga. I went to camp when I was a kid and ever since my sisters and brothers have all said we can't wait until we have kids so we have a reason to go back. Task fulfilled this past June when I had a baby boy. Can't wait to bring him and hubby back there :)

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

no problem t, I had it all qued up ready to go :)

hey sarah! that's awesome! I'm so thrilled to raise my girls with their own camp experience. so great