the mash up

Ahh...the mash-up.
Prior to this new "Glee" show, I had no idea what a mash-up was. I blame it on my kids. Not exactly the right age to keep me up to speed with all the new-fangled lingo, as Wren's only word is "no"...
I turned to the mash-up as inspiration for the above cake.
Artists palette, blow dryer, poodle, remote control, grad cap, stylish momma, golf clubs, scissors and a recliner.
What's a girl to do when your client wants 9 things that do not relate to each other, all over the cake?
I can't live with bad design (ask Jeff how many times I've rearranged the house...) So this posed quite a challenge. The other challenge? Work with and have her grand daughter help. So not only do we have a design challenge, we have a teaching challenge. I get flustered at the best of times, let alone teach, coach and explain this crazy cake making I do.
Fortunately for me, my apprentice was easy going, open to learning and a natural talent. Thanks Noelle, it was a pleasure having your help and insight.

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