let's all run away

This week has got me dreaming of running away to hot sandy beaches. Nothing to do but sip on my mai tai...nothing to worry but when the next one will arrive...nothing to think of but perhaps it's time for a dip in the ocean...
Gone are the worries of leasehold agreements, parking, cash flow analysis and packaging 1000 cookies....

Balance is often hard to achieve when it's your own business you're working on.
Time is money,
time is everything...
This week has thrown me some crazy curve balls. From jumping into signing a lease down to finding out the plan won't work.
What an emotional roller coaster.
Dreaming of space layout, signage and all the lovely promos, I got pretty caught up in it all. Then the dreaded phone call...

"Pam, this isn't going to work"

....and poof...it's back to reality.
Gritty reality.
Boxes of cookie cutters, ribbons, and a hundred tools; cluttering my basement, dining room, kitchen, car...moving constantly. They need a home. So off we go again...

The cake?
Ahh yes, cake.
Leasing craziness or not, I'm still baking cake...
An engagement cake for a couple tying the knot down south. The best part? It's gluten free. It's a lovely lemon cake, raspberry butter cream and finished in fondant, with fondant shells and such.
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