I can't think of much else to say right now besides singing the Transformers theme song. I've had it in my head for almost a week. I didn't watch a lot of it as a kid, so when I had a request for a Transformers cake, I went to trusty ole' you-tube to get me some episodes. Got a little caught up in it actually. Lead to watching She-ra, then on to Thunder Cats...I've been spending too much time on this....I like to think of it as "research" however it's really not leading to cake baking in any way.

Look at the shine on that face. Just stunning. That's my new luster glaze. It's coming in handy all over the place (yes, it's meant to be eaten ;)
Stay tuned, I've neglected posting in awhile and have a backlog of photos for you all!

yours in cake,

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Rochelle Young said...

Great job!! Here is my Transformers cake if you wanna take a look!