Here's today's photo line up. We have a lovely spring cake, two tiered, carrot cake, with cream cheese icing. Lovely, no?

The outside is done in rolled fondant, again, lovely. With little royal icing dots. Reminds me of fabric, those little dots. And then the orchids. Handmade, petal by petal, in fondant. Lightly dusted for effect. Stunning, so simple.

As you can read, it's Irene's 80th birthday. If you are reading, Happy Belated Irene, hope you enjoyed the cake...To those looking for that perfect gift for those celebrating 80th birthdays, why not consider an edible gift? I may not yet be 80, but I know I already have enough nic nacs for my lifetime. But if someone went to the trouble of getting me a custom made birthday cake, in my favorite colour, with my favorite flowers, in my favorite flavour; now there's a birthday present I could use. (I hope you're reading this honey ;)

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Terri Lee said...

Wow, what a beautiful cake! A beautiful cake for a beautiful woman! Happy 80th Mom!
Love Terri Lee
PS Save me a piece.