Technical difficulties, please stand by....

Okay, so I'm not having technical difficulties. I went on a blogging spree as I was freshly back from camp and have not been able to keep up since. Perhaps the number of cakes is wearing me down? Perhaps the sheer amount of icing living in my fridge (both upstairs and down) is enough to put my dentists kids through college? Perhaps the laundry? I think we all know the real reason. And it has more to do with the dryer than it does the mixer.

Long over due is my darling three year olds birthday cake. Cake is a hot topic around our house and Claire new what she wanted long before I asked. Her birthday party fun was based on wanting to get married and her cake was to be purple. Not sure where she gets these ideas from.....geez, a wedding? Really? Guess I had that coming. The cake left me stumped though. Should I really make her cake look like a wedding cake? Can I sleep at night making a cake that is more for me than her? Will she even remember? I made, what I think to be, a good balance of the two. Two layers, which is more wedding cake than birthday cake, and decorated with fun polka dots instead of the wedding swag. The real surprise came when we served her a piece. I dyed the cake purple, and she was very pleased. To go along with the purple theme, I flavoured the icing to be grape. Yummy. I'll post a cut into picture soon, mine were shaky. Happy Birthday Claire!

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