Happy 35th

As I contemplate what to write as I stare at the photo, I'm overcome with nostalgia. I remember fondly the late nights at the Evans house. My parents would be over on a Saturday night for cards, while the five of us girls ran like maniacs all over the basement. No sooner had we built the laundry room haunted house, would we all be ushered upstairs for teeth brushing and pyjamas. Falling asleep to the sounds of parents laughing and cards shuffling, we'd later be carried home, just across the street.
This past weekend celebrates two points to the above. One was the 35th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Evans. I am humbled to make this cake for you both. And thanks to Deedee, who is one of my most favorite customers.
The second point was our daughter Claire's 3rd birthday. As the night wore on and kids tired out, pyjamas were donned and teeth were brushed. I smiled as I made Anthony and Claire a pillow fort on our bed. Cheers to many more nights spent with good friends.

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