the birthday cakes continue

One year old boys + birthday cakes = what. What, what what. What should I make? Wedding cake pictures are so easy to come by and there are so many wonderful websites to peruse. But when it comes to birthday cakes, I'm only getting started. Most one year olds I've polled don't really seem to care about design, pattern, prints etc. A handful of them can recognize characters, but they are the minority I'm afraid. Once they are two or three, bring on the Elmo and Dora. So in the mean time that leaves the design question in my court. My other obstacle with one year old cakes is the infamous "smash" factor. Nothing says first birthday like a little tot plunging mouth first into their first taste of cake. Covering the cake with fondant is just plain mean. It is a great choice for many cakes, but really can't be smashed. Not like butter cream can. So, perhaps birthday fest is just what I needed. Break away from my fondant wedding cake comfort zone and into the world of butter cream kidlet fun. As we did more and more cakes this month, I got more and more excited to come up with different designs. This cake was for my sweet little nephew Matthew. Two layers of vanilla cake and vanilla butter cream. Tasty for everyone and yet simple enough for his little tummy.

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Anonymous said...

This one was so so yummy! Personally, I love this icing and prefer it over the other type. So soft and sweet. Very yummy! Hats off to the chef! :)