Better late than never

With a fresh blanket of snow covering the city, most thoughts are now heading into Christmas mode. I've noticed the paper is heavy with glossy fliers and the t.v. stations are running holiday ads already. Here's my confession, I still have two whole pumpkins sitting on my kitchen floor, begging to be used. At this point I suppose I'll just cook them. Carving them seems a little silly at this point. Halloween is more than over. During some time where I could have been carving those pumpkins, I was instead playing with fondant, making cute little ghosts. They turned out quite well. They are a spin off of a photo from Wheatberry Bakery Cafe down in Pasadena, California. In coming years I imagine Wren (my youngest daughter) will have Halloween themed birthday parties and I look for ward to little treats like these. The original was sitting atop a cupcake. Happy belated Halloween!

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