Like this pretty little arrangement, waiting to take centre stage, I sit here at the computer desk. Waiting. Waiting on what? Probably pressure. I haven't quite figured myself out yet. Being your own boss takes many skills; determination, perseverance, a good work ethic. But then there's real life. With children. So you would think I would have a better handle on when to do things. You know, not wait until the last minute. Perhaps I just need a fresh perspective on this. I'm not procrastinating; I'm ensuring the cake will be fresh. Ya, that's right. Fresh. And now really, I needn't beat myself up about not doing anything, I spent a good numbers of hours in the last two days looking at patterns and sketching cakes. The slump I believe has passed. I'm happy with some new ideas, some pretty ribbon, some scrap booking paper. Claire is visiting with Grandma all weekend, so I think it's wise to spend my time with her, and I'll have all day Friday and Saturday to work on the cake. Let's be honest, It won't take more than two whole days. And if it does, then I have most of Sunday too. Hmp. Okay. I feel better now. Just getting it down on paper, er, make that keyboard, sure takes a lot off the mind.

P.S. Kate, please don't panic if you are reading this!

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